Friday, May 15, 2015

Tone and Texture - Blending board inspiration

We have been building blending boards from scratch for a couple of years now and my first prototype was fun and exciting. It was a blend of English Walnut on the edges and handle while Cherry was the primary centerpiece. It's a nice look and I like the design which is different and varies from the typical blending board made up of one homogeneous wood with a hole for a handle. We designed a handle that is an extension of the wood and uses a complimentary tone to draw attention to it. Can you tell I love wood... almost as much as I enjoy fiber and spinning.

The other day I was in the shop and I started to realize I had acquired a wonderful collection of wood types. Each having a purpose. Some for accenting hackles and others for combs and accessories. Then I started to work on a recent Blending Board order and I looked around for the old standby's and I got inspired to try combining some new types of wood together to create a more subtly beautiful tone and texture. I have Cherry, English Walnut, Mahogany and Western Maple. 

So, what did I come up with? I created two boards.

 The first one is patterned from left side to center with English Walnut = EW-Western Maple-EW-PurpleHeartwood-Cherry. 

The second board from left side to center with EW-Cherry-Mahogany-EW-Mahogany

They are both unique and beautiful. The First with the Eastern Maple has lots of rich wood pattern, while the second with Mahogany it darker with deep tonal values. 

Which one do you prefer?

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