Saturday, May 17, 2014

A time to blend.

It's not very often that I find myself with extra time, but since my day job is moving to a new building all the servers are offline... including my remote computer. So, it's a nice day and I am inspired to go out on the deck and do some blending.
I decided to use some shetland roving as the base. I've got some angora goat that i've had stashed away for a while. It's quite vibrant and juicy, a beauty brandy wine color. It should create a definitive color streak. I am considering using this for an art yarn, perhaps a core-spun yarn.

It's always such a creative process deciding what fibers to add to the mix.

I add lime green silk to add a glistening, soft flavor.

And some icicle to create a shimmering burst and compliment the silk.
Between the silk and icicle I add a thin layer of shetland and Carbonated bamboo. Thin layers in between add a nice layered look.

Now it's time to diz off the fibers.

A nice little raspberry swirl. This is probably less than an ounce so I will do about 3 more like this and call it good. The birds are eating at the feeder nearby and I can listen to the creek as I unwind and blend. Turned out to be a beautiful day.

In this exercise I used a fine 2-pitch hackle with 5 inch tines and diz which is available at our shop. Visit us at: