Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Step into my woodshop!

I've never been much of a woodworker or craftsman, but until I was reluctantly drawn to create wood products to fulfill a specific need. I didn't have a clue how rewarding it could be. But... Lets back up a bit in my story. First off, I am a dye-hard fiber addict. Hello my name is Doug and I'm a fiber addict! Last year I was bitten by the spinning bug and I have had to take extraordinary measures to keep my need to spin assuaged. I learned how to design and build hackles and combs in order to process my own fiber from my own alpacas and out of that I have discovered a deep down, hidden desire to craft things... with wood.  So, while I spin I am thinking about things I can do in my wood shop, which was donated to me graciously by my father-in-Law. Thank you! Thank you!

Recently, I was trying to design a tool to measure the WPI (Wraps per inch) so my lovely wife can figure out what needle gauge to use in order to knit the yarn I spin into something useful like yoga socks, fingerless gloves or a shawl perhaps. So, I created a standard one inch wooden square... Booooooring! My mind, while spinning, came up with a more intriguing idea. Could I created a fun fiber animal to use as a WPI tool without taxing my abilities? Well, I sketched it out and then went out to the scroll saw and gave it a whorl. And, it turned out quite nice. I think maybe my art background might have help a bit too. 

 It was really popular so I tried a couple other shapes as well. A sheep and later a goat. I'm also thinking about a Yak next. I still love spinning, but I have to say, it's a lot of fun to start with a blank piece of wood and shape it into something wonderful. You can find my animals on my etsy shop. ~