Monday, August 15, 2011

Gearing up for the Renissance faire

We've been gearing up the do the Mancos Renaissance Faire this weekend. I've never done one before. I'm excited!! We have to try and create a sense of stepping into the past as they step into our shop. So we've had to make a few alterations to the tent. Yesterday we did a dry run of how the tent shall be set up. The walls will be silky fabric of green and burgundy. Note: I really should be sitting in the red chair sipping tea in the hot sun, but verily, time is short and there is much to accomplish before the seventh eve. (I'm practicing my Old English). This week we will be working on our outfits, a Fairy (with wings) and a shepherd/ alpaca rancher.

My wife and I are combining our shops into one booth for the first time as well. A jeweler and a fiber rancher/artist.

The story goes that one evening the alpaca rancher spotted a fairy creating trinkets by moonlight. He liked her work and wished she would also work for him knitting the fiber from the alpacas and inspiring him to create magical felted goods. So, he bought an enchantment spell and went out in to the woods that night. When the fairy showed up he blew the enchanted dust at the fairy. The next night the fairy came to the rancher who was felting and began knitting the most gorgeous items from the alpaca fiber and also creating beautiful trinkets by moonlight. So, it is said that is how Creations by Moonlight and Moonsong Ranch Alpacas, LLC teamed up.

It's a little overwhelming but I thinks it's going to be a pretty cool event. If you've done something like this we would love to hear any advice or things that worked well at an event like this?

Oh, and if ye are in the area thee must stop in and past time with us!


  1. so how did it turn out?? Love the story by the way!

  2. I used to vend at the Virginia Ren Fair, but as a clothing maker. After we got our alpacas, I did spinning with the alpaca group there. Hope you had a good time. It can be a lot of fun.