Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ringing in the New Year...

With MORE snow than you can shake a stick at! Of course you'll be hard pressed to find a stick around here due to the 18 inches of snowfall we received in a two day period. Needless to say the alpacas were mostly unhappy about their play area being socked in with snow. I think it cramps their style... just a bit.

Now that the sky is no longer dumping snow the temperatures have dropped to 20 degrees during the day and below zero during the night. The alpacas just accept it, settle in and chop on hay until sunrise.

There are a few alpacas who seem to genuinely like the snow and plow into it with playful abandon eating their own snow cones.

And there are others who would clearly prefer we move to Florida and they are quite clear about their desires.
But either way we are all Happy to be here and are ringing in the New Year with snow cones and bubbly!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Moonsong Ranch Alpacas, LLC