Saturday, October 30, 2010

Third move's a charm!!

It's been one week since we started moving and we are just getting to the point where it feels like we're close to completion. It's odd because most moves involve a day or two of intensity and then you begin to weave your life back together. But, when you have a ranch with cats, dogs, chickens, alpacas and Llamas it's any thing but ordinary.

This evening we finally brought a small brave contingent of alpacas over to Moonsong Ranch version 3.0. at first everything looked great. Then our dog snuck up to her fence line and suddenly started barking as if she'd been planning this all along. Well, Yazminemoon bolted like a spooked cat on a windy day and cleared the FENCELINE enterly. I gasped! Then She looked back to see her cria still on the other side of the fence. I ran over to open the nearest gate and she decides it's probably best to leap back over on her own.

After everyone was safe I reinforced that side of the fence that had been there previously and that I had doubts about anyway. Leave it to Yazminemoon to push the boundary's.

Tomorrow I will bring over the rest of the girls and Annie our trusted guard llama.

Stay tuned!