Thursday, July 29, 2010

Surprise, suprise!!

 These last couple of days have been quite eventful. I got a call from Allurynn on Tuesday with a little surprise. Below you can read about it from her perspective.

We got a surprise yesterday when my eldest went outside to do his chores.  Shortly after leaving the house I get a call, he tells me there's a "baby Alpaca on the ground in the barn".  Our maiden wasn't due for another 3 weeks, and since our Matriarch lost her cria 3 months ago, born stillborn 6 weeks early, my first thought was, "is it alive".  When he said it was I dashed out the door as I dialed DH's number.

Once in the barn it was a fiasco...Tyler said he thought it was unusual that all the girls were in the barn on such a nice day...then once he entered and saw what fuss was all about, he got it.  When I got there the others moved out of my way, except for Mahogany, our Matriarch and YazmineMoon our maiden....Yaz was totally confused as to what just had happened...and Mahogany beings that she has lost hers...wanted this one for herself...thus not letting either Yaz or myself near it.  I never had an incident where one of our animals hurt me, but Mahogany wasn't about to give it up and continuously spat, that nasty smelling spit!  Yaz was very upset with the situation, and as I tried to check on the little one, she tried to bite my head!  It scared me, as some of you know the accident Doug had with one of the boy's after trying to get between them to stop a fight...he ended up with several stitches on his leg.

Anyway, that's when I knew I needed to clear out the barn and get Mahogany away...Tyler was a always, our awesome ranch helping hand, he herded the girls out and we had to halter Mahogany to get her to move...she's been so stubborn lately, and led her out as well.  While he situated the girls in the next field, I inspected the little one.  Needless to say Yaz didn't like it and nipped me in the arm.  This was our first experience with a maiden, so I suppose this and much more would be new and different for us, since all our prior births were with experienced Mommies.

I finally got a grip on the little one and took it outside.  Here's his first pics....
YES it's a boy...finally got a peek!

Here's a picture of his Daddy...our first born...Eclipse

 While on the phone with DH I went through our new born check list and though I was weary of Yaz, I still managed to get her milk going and the little one nursing.

Everyone was happy to see him and get to know's his Aunt Lunessa welcoming him

 All the rest came over as well...

Look, how sweet he looks..

His name....well, in keeping with our Moon theme, his name is Jericho ~ Arabic, meaning Moon God.

Welcome to Moonsong Ranch Jericho!