Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shearing Day at Moonsong Ranch

Once each year this day comes around. I can't claim to look forward to it nor do the alpacas. But, after all is said and done everyone is usually pleased. It's called shearing day! Our's occurred yesterday and it went well for the most part. We have a total of 11 alpacas and two Llamas. Some of our animals don't mind shearing and others are adamantly opposed to it.

So, I try to inject a little order into an inherently chaotic venture, by spending a little time considering who goes first and how the cattle panels are arranged, so that we can move seamlessly and smoothly through the day. Well, this year all bets were off. Nearly all the animals decided to go on shearing strike. We tried to gather everyone up in a holding pen so that the person shearing can move animals in and out without trouble. While I was trimming the nails during shearing a few of the alpacas decided to push hard on the green temporary fencing until it moved enough to allow passage back out into the open areas. Well, needless to say as we went to re-corral them again they decided evasion might be the best tactic. And yet another thought laying down might be more successful. She was right! So we ended up lifting her from both ends. She didn't seem to mind. It went this way most of the day. Even Annie our way-too-smart Llama wouldn't budge with her halter on so we used and extension cord and sheared her where she stood. The one saving grace was that the clouds rolled in to cool us off. After everyone was sheared we looked around at a the funny looking animals and had a good laugh!!

See for yourself: Before.
And After!!