Sunday, April 25, 2010

We come from the Earth and to her we return...

It's never how you expect it. I've heard other accounts from alpaca owners of births that didn't go well.  However, yesterday we had our own experience of it. Our matriarch Alpaca Mahogany lost her little Cria (baby) in a stillbirth, born 6 weeks early.  We're not sure why she passed in her mothers womb, but we feel in our hearts there was a reason why this little one didn't make it through to this world. This is the first time we've experienced such a sad tragedy, though as Doug said, it's bound to happen on a ranch.  At sunset we buried her in our orchard and our son read a prayer I put together from a few I found on the net.  We buried her deep in Earth's womb and planted a berry bush over her, as we returned her to our Mother Earth.

Mother of life, Mother of death, here is a spirit so new that the gates of life and death are just an archway in her dancing ground. She has danced her way back to you. 

Her passage is easy but ours and her mommy’s is hard. We wanted to hold her living flesh, and feel her soft breath and her heartbeat.
No other cria that may come to us will ever be what she would have been. Whatever healing we may find, this loss will always be a part of us. 

Bless Mahogany’s womb, which has the power to create life and death. Bless our arms that would have embraced her. Bless our hands that would have lifted and took care of her. Bless our hearts that grieve for her.

Mother Earth, we return to you the body of one of your children, welcome her back into your womb. 
Let her spirit return to her ancestors, and let her rest in peace in your arms.  

~thanks to those who shared your prayers so that I could piece this one together~


  1. I am sorry for your loss and for momma alpaca's loss, too. It would be really tough to go through that.

  2. Thank you. I think Momma misses her and comes back to the spot to look for her. The good thing is that the rest of the heard follows her and sticks to her like glue. Great support system alpacas have.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about this! I imagine that if there are other crias in the herd, it must grieve the the momma. That was a beautiful prayer...